Centrum hearing opening times in Bristol

In the Bristol of 2 Branches, 2 companies. The biggest: Cochlear (1 branch) and Amplifon (1 branch).

Physician, ultrarunner, thriller writer… meet the man who lives life to the full [17 08 2019 03:00:47]

Professor Hugh Montgomery says mastering new skills helps him relax – and makes life appear to last longerI meet Prof Hugh Montgomery the day after the heatwave reaches its sticky, stultifying peak, a day when Londoners are red-eyed, over-caffeinated and on a hair trigger. It’s business as usual, however, for Montgomery. With an expansive enthusiasm that cuts through the clammy torpor, he’s fine: he rarely tops five hours a night. “I get up between 4 and 5am. But I wouldn’t want to promulgate the idea that not sleeping is a good thing.”It might not be recommended, but in his case, it’s essential. You need those extra hours when you’re chair of Intensive Care Medicine at UCL, a practising clinician, a groundbreaking genetic researcher (Montgomery is director of the Institute for Human Health and Performance and discovered the ACE gene that influences physical fitness and endurance) and founder member of the UK Climate and Health Council. He has also conducted research on Everest, run three ultramarathons, skydived naked for charity and holds the world record for playing piano underwater (110 hours, as part of a team during his medical school days. He persuaded Yamaha to create a keyboard that would work underwater and “dumped it in a swimming pool”.) Continue reading... Continue reading...

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