Post Offices opening times in Bristol

In the Bristol of 190 Offices, 5 companies. The biggest: Post Office (154 offices), Royal Mail Delivery Office (29 offices), Parcelforce Worldwide (5 offices), UKMail (1 office) and DHL (1 office).

Coronavirus live news: New Zealand confirms 13 new community cases; Russia vaccine due in fortnight [13 08 2020 05:37:23]

‘We do believe there will be further cases,’ says New Zealand’s Ashley Bloomfield; Russia vaccine not yet completed its final trials; global deaths climb towards 750,000. Follow the latest updates‘They’ve jumped the gun’: scientists worry about Russia’s Covid-19 vaccineCovid-19 may have been circulating in New Zealand for weeks, as fresh case emergesFrench and Dutch on alert over rise in casesUK economy plunges into deepest recession since records beganSee all our coronavirus coverage 5.37am BST As surging Covid-19 cases across Latin America leave cemeteries and funeral homes struggling to keep pace, engineers in Bolivia have come up with a solution as pragmatic as it is macabre: a mobile crematorium.The five-metre by two-and-half-metre oven is small enough to fit on to a trailer, and is powered by locally produced liquefied petroleum gas – making it a cheap option for families who cannot afford a funeral service. Related: Bolivia’s solution to surging Covid-19 deaths: a mobile crematorium 5.21am BST More than one million Australians are now out of work, according to the latest labour force data, which shows the unemployment rate is now 7.5%.Even though seasonally adjusted employment increased by 114,700 people between June and July, and hours worked increased 1.3%, the unemployment rate in July edged up from 7.4% in June. Related: More than one million Australians out of work as unemployment rate edges up to 7.5% Continue reading... Continue reading...

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