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Jordan Brookes review – refuses to play by the normal rules of comedy [17 08 2019 08:00:50]

Pleasance Courtyard, EdinburghBrookes delivers one of the coups of this year’s fringe with this deconstruction of a standup set, in which you never know what he’ll do next‘In all sincerity …” says Jordan Brookes at the beginning of the heartfelt audience address that closes his show. But sincerity is a devalued currency in Brookes’s show, and he knows it. The point of I’ve Got Nothing, like its predecessors (including the 2017 comedy award-nominated Body of Work), is that nothing he does can be trusted or taken for granted. He drills deep into the constituent parts of a comedy show, looking for cogs to disable or sprockets to twist into new, destabilising shapes.Last year, that led to a hi-tech stunt requiring his audience to wear headphones. This year, Brookes is pared back. The conceit is that he’s “got nothing”, that he’s winging this encounter with an audience, waiting to see where comedy will spring from and pursuing it when it does. “What shall we do?” he asks, taking a rest, wide-eyeing the crowd. It bespeaks Brookes’s growing confidence that he’s funny just being; that his “hipster Nosferatu” looks and gangling, prowling physicality tip us into nervous laughter before he even opens his mouth. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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